Nootropics Such As Geniux Work As A Boost To The Brain’s Cognitive Abilities

Nootropic is a word derived from Greek meaning ‘towards the mind’. Therefore nootropics are a class of drugs that can also be referred to as brain enhancers or boosters. In a broader view, they fall into a category of drugs known as PIED (performance and image enhancing drugs) since they enhance lifestyle in terms of athletic and sexual performance, learning potential and musculature. However, they should not be used as ‘supplements’ but in a regulated manner as ‘drug’.

How Do Nootropics Work?

geniux brain boosterNootropics, or any other ‘smart drug’ never augment mental abilities of the user. Preferably, they augment the mental strength that the user has already fostered. Mental abilities can be improved via studying, discipline and participating in mental exercises. Nootropics such as geniux work as a boost to improve cognizance by partnering with the brain’s natural transmitters and oxygen amounts in the brain. Geniux is a 100% natural brain booster made up of natural ingredients. Ingredients in Geniux such as vitamins, antioxidants, royal bee pollen, eleuthero extracts and others that are natural make it special since there are no side effects from harmful chemicals. Many degenerative conditions that we encounter in our daily lives have a depletive effect on our brain transmitters and this is the main target of nootropics. Once taken, there are positive benefits experienced in neurotransmitters like glutamate, acetylcholine, serotonin and dopamine.

The positive benefits are associated by the ability of nootropics to improve the elasticity of neurons and their effects of vasodilation, increasing blood flow into the brain. Increased blood flow into the brain means a higher supply of glucose, nutrients and oxygen. This in turn leads to an immediate experience of grater memory capacity and focus.

Neuro-protection and neuro-preservation is another quality displayed by nootropics. This is associated by their direct effect to the levels of chemicals in the brain that discourage the aging process. They do so by increasing the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and nerve growth factor which stimulate the development of neurites and neurons while discouraging the rate of damage as well. Consequently, this could perhaps slow down effects of aging like memory loss and even thwart the onset of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Nootropic stacking: A Term Used When Two Compounds Are Combined

When combined, the benefits of nootropics can be improved, while reducing the side effects. The basic stacks that one can begin with include;

L-Theanine + caffeine:

The benefit of this combo is that it will improve your motivation, focus and mood. A 1:2 ratio will work best (take 100mg of L-Thenaine and 200mg of caffeine to get the desired effect).

Choline + piracetam:

This is a highly beneficial stack than the first one as it contains piracetam, the very first nootropic to be discovered for its ability to enhance acetylcholine uptake. Choline on the other hand is associated with the synthesize of acetylcholine, which is the best reason behind its perfect association with piracetam. When taken, this combination helps in memory improvement and diminished headache. A ratio of 1500mg piracetam and 250mg makes a good combination.

Even though nootropics are interesting and perhaps very useful drugs that are worth of further research, their use as smart drugs is doubtful from a credibility standpoint and lacks ample evidence. Therefore, if your health status is not compromised and want to augment your cognizance function, there are some other activities you can engage in and have a dramatic effect than just popping these ‘smart pills’. Have in mind that the effect of stimulants is short term, only before the body is tolerated to them.

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